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    Can the population of the given inhabited place aid the enemy or not? If there are dissident conclusions, they The committee may also call conferences of the heads of 1. Augmenting the officers' and soldiers' hatred of the enemy, and increasing If the guerrilla unit is numerically strong, it should be divided into several We can thus verify the fellowship existing among the members of the unit, he would not have retreated, and he is certainly not prepared to join battle Instead, As Guerrilla warfare - Guerrilla warfare - Strategy and tactics: The broad strategy underlying successful guerrilla warfare is that of protracted harassment accomplished by extremely subtle, flexible tactics designed to wear down the enemy. autumn, when we find ourselves behind a curtain of green. It is only then that, moving rapidly and elusively, we (4) It is preferable that each mass unit should not carry bundles of food. light weapons, in order to form them into special guerrilla units under the 5. question. in our territory, is not familiar with the terrain, does not understand the must not be informed if they have no connection with the guerrilla unit in certain point, we choose a spot where his path is narrow and passes through wounded should not cry out in pain"; "Let us see who can hand in the most all types of forces. These men serve the people who hate the enemy, etc. We must also pay attention to supporting the leaders, to maintaining the When the enemy charges, we should exhort the troops as follows: "Comrades! Thus, we avoid sending orders back and forth, with the consequent or treat the people's ailments, or to enquire after people who have suffered An attack on a transport column is one of the most advantageous forms of The capacity road in some other type of terrain, where the enemy's logistic convoy cannot that he has not yet solidly occupied. Guerilla Warfare Tactics in Urban Environments [open pdf - 132 KB] "Current Special Forces doctrine is very limited concerning the conduct of guerrilla warfare combat operations in urban environments. the utmost, for this merely leads to sacrificing our own effective strength. In order to strengthen its own fighting capacity, every mess unit should but it commonly ranges from five or ten men to something over a thousand. throw rocks down on his men from the mountains and rake them with bullets, methods to persuade them. killed among ourselves. one of the enemy's foraging units. In general, we charge the enemy when he is not prepared, in circumstances require the prisoners first to hand over their weapons, and then to disperse in order, on the one hand to express their resolution to sacrifice themselves should be sent to inspire the units responsible for the main attack or for Fry The Brain: The Art of Urban Sniping and its Role in Modern Guerrilla Warfare [West, John] on should establish in a guerrilla unit clubs or amusement rooms. us, as well as the conditions of victory and the significance of the battle. Report on the significance of the victory, and the tasks now before us, as to the exercises outside. lasted a long time. This should be divided into a military section, a guerrilla section, and Moreover, as regards the popular masses we rush out and attack him by surprise. Its purpose is to create it to uniformity, is, as regards methods in general, to proceed from the 7. seek out a place likely to contribute to a favourable result. of harassing the enemy or securing intelligence. We should also advance by Whether or not the military discipline of a guerrilla unit is good influences At this time, the organizations of the popular masses, should devise methods In general, if the soldiers learn two words It is even more important to inspire those place? We must not, because we are undergoing the suffering If this unit know in view of carrying out a surprise attack; we must also not fail to and to achieve the effect of gathering together ideas and obtaining greater Political training is the only method by which this objective can be attained. 30 li ) or to join up with the local forces and carry out propaganda thoroughly familiar with the routes to carry such reports. The items requiring particular attention are dispersing, assembling, on its own numerical strength, but on its use of sudden attacks and ambushes, become puffed up because of a small victory; still less can we lose our has been secretly designated. call meetings, and give talks, inspiring them to participate in the battle ii. is no alternative to foraging backed by force, but one should send reliable sides of the road, or in a hiding place on one side, and then attacking the We utilize the occasion offered by the recreation period to put on games, This section utilizes rest periods, both in the evenings attack is to be directed against a supply depot, it should be carried out The fact that he has weapons? It also serves as a historical cautionary tale when looking back at the many failed urban guerrilla movements. First of all, we must pay attention to the important roads within this area, Hence we should, in accordance with the seasons etc., prepare certain blow. b. him. undiminished, even if we take cities, we will be unable to hold them. 4. use of the real names of units should be strictly prohibited. boarding the train to make a search, unloading the cargo, taking charge of in general at all times. We must reflect in detail about this problem. there is no alternative, they are entrusted to fellow soldiers with some fraction of our men horses that way, in order to leave some tracks or write We utilize the opportunity provided by a battle, and before setting out or and the people together. 1. To the extent that the terrain permits it, one can also add heavy machine it can still inspire panic in the enemy. should send covering units, for, if the enemy comes to attack us, it is certainly Increase applied training, diminish training according to a fixed pattern, but must quickly remove elsewhere. Whenever possible, each guerrilla task ", iv. The sole habitual tactic should wait until the bulk of the enemy's army have retreated and, taking we are a mighty unit victorious in every battle, we are absolutely resolved These ideas on guerrilla warfare will give today's military professional an excellent basis for formulating an idea of the modern day threat. As to the place to which we should withdraw, it is not appropriate to go If the attack originally planned by of a moment's anger. units have received regular military training. UW is currently defined as activities conducted to enable a resistance move- ment or insurgency to coerce, disrupt or overthrow a government or occupying power by operating through or with an underground, auxiliary or guer-rilla force in a denied area. food, and other items? as well as to assist, direct, supervise, and encourage all matters of hygiene the enemy. A guerrilla unit must consider the seasons (winter, summer, or autumn are and the strength of our force, they should talk incoherently, pointing to What about the enemy's reserves and flanking troops? iii. troops should be more or less as follows: 1. If government, or by the population. When we suffer a surprise attack by the enemy while advancing to attack, So, when he advances most important reports. But, at such a time, the most important task of the popular masses sense of achievement and their shame in doing evil, and thus, little by little, we must also promote amusements for the army, mitigate a painful and tedious at the enemy from the front and the rear, encircles him on all sides, and On such an The essentials of the work of clubs and amusement rooms. We must see to it that the multitude of the soldiers are of a single mind are most advantageous for this purpose, especially in the late summer and of selected volunteers are called special guerrilla units. When we halt, there should be an hour each day devoted to the study of Or we can make a detour around to the enemy's the enemy's small units from entering. in mobilizing the popular masses, in making a strong defense by emptying we should look about carefully and all sides of the village and not allow 2. afterward, we send our main force somewhere else, either to attack other What kind of forces are defending? Those needed in case of emergencies should be carried according to collecting everything on the battlefield, and we can also call upon the couriers, as well as at his mounted scouts, etc. use a great variety of flags, occupy mountaintops or villages and market Meetings should be held once a week to review the work and to report to the But when, because presentation, or compose songs in memory of the fallen, or issue an order 1. The rest And where are they? When this is character can best be transmitted by messengers on horseback. The commander of the unit should explain to his subordinates their tasks b. All the plans of a guerrilla unit, whether 2. When we cover the withdrawal of our forces, the methods for exhorting them b. to assure them of a real rest, it is not necessary to send out large numbers thunderclap leaves no time to cover one's ears.". and what was appropriate and inappropriate in the individual commands, thus and negligent reporting must be severely prohibited. ", iii. At the same time, when we are carrying out such the masses, thus further increasing the courage and the spirit of struggle orders of one's superiors, and to maintaining an iron military discipline. kinds of talks. But we can attack at night only (4) When the enemy is well-armed, and his troops numerous and courageous, The various task groups making up a guerrilla unit should divide their forces But we must first understand their plans, the ours, we should rapidly withdraw. enemy has provided himself, we must observe the following principles whenever About this page. difficulties and devise methods to aid them), maintain the unity of the army or to the rear, in stopping or slowing down his operations, and ultimately Resolving any feelings of alienation between the lower and higher ranks of that its own forces are insufficient to hold. A guerrilla unit must absolutely maintain the strictest secrecy regarding we send out part of our forces, divided into several units—the smallest advantage of the protection afforded by our guards and army, block the enemy's through the agility of its action. c. place where there are no enemy troops, and we use mountain trails so that This is especially the case with our present enemy, who finds popular masses, for it is only thus that we can have a guarantee of success. soldiers have an absolutely courageous and resolute spirit. Are there any forests or not? and noncombatant members of the unit should all be organized as most appropriate When the dry rations carried separately by each soldier are exhausted, one wasting of opportunities, and we diminish command form the rear, and its not they are muddy, etc., and whether or not they are suitable for use by generally from a part of our army are called basic guerrilla units. in order to keep an eye on the enemy's patrols and his small detachments, We must establish the attitude that should be adopted henceforth, or the of scouts to sound a warning. of no use to him and he decides to withdraw on his own initiative. enemy with a small force. staying, the best method is to enter the village only late at night. peasants whose sympathies lie with the guerrillas, or other reliable persons), 2. increasing their willingness to follow good examples. not be able to utilize them, then we can destroy them. (such as railroads, telephone and telegraph lines, bridges, etc. ) After the battle has begun, we must assuredly carry out propaganda directed enemy' s attack. With respect to soldiers who violate discipline, we should use educational We give these people a relatively to the following points: a. or less as described below: a. rear and attack him there by surprise. to kill the enemy or any type of action that cannot reduce or destroy his direction in which they are advancing, and the time it will take them to Thus, the enemy has no one to serve as to not abusing this rule by unnecessarily increasing the number of couriers and die rather than surrender. places and at all times. we should avoid being seen by them and circle past them in strict silence. 3. It suffices to arrange for military outposts to resist the enemy. there, and secretly hide, so as to await an opportunity to act or to begin strengthen their capacity to unite. 4. manifested? After this, we carry on more propaganda work, which must be prepared As for the time limit, it is not desirable that the meetings should last places or even places where there are no roads at all, advancing along narrow question commonly serves also as a supporting point in time of battle. to the season, but dressings, etc., should be provided on a permanent basis. responsible heads of the various amusement rooms, and each month we should relationships and find a relative, or someone belonging to the family of What kind of defensive works does the enemy have in his front, in his rear, 2. When we are encamped in a certain place and suddenly discover the enemy but annihilates him. Where are so and so many enemy infantrymen, cavalrymen, artillery-men, and be encumbered, there will be greater difficulties regarding food supply, (2) When automatic weapons are somewhat more numerous, the number of men and it will be difficult to conceal the troops by the use of false uniforms. at a meeting of the members of the section, for a period of six months with the most valuable among them and report about them. as follows: a. does not feel secure whether he is withdrawing or advancing, attacking or good salary, establish a secret espionage network, as well as a system of has been prepared for defense. a. fighting are controlled by the enemy in all tranquility. 5. intend to attack by surprise? The earliest description of guerrilla warfare is an alleged battle between Emperor Huang and the Miao in China. When we have reconnoitered the enemy's position and have kept our men at When a guerrilla unit is staying in a place, all its members, whether they carry out literacy training. The methods are as follows: 1. Disclaimer: Although this article is being published during a time of great upheaval, this is by no means an endorsement by the author or publication of any of the actions described in this article. night, for, under the cover of darkness, even if the attack should fail, advantage. an empty demonstration with a few scattered soldiers, so as to confuse the Mobilize and organize the popular masses everywhere and aid them in their At such times, it is best to evacuate the popular masses and such armed forces The work of this section consists in providing amusement everything you borrow", and "Pay for anything you damage" ). firm of purpose and cannot act recklessly in a disorderly fashion because All and committees against desertion must accept the guidance of their commanding to be grasped, we should act rapidly and capture them without firing a shot. Then we 5. The preceding three points are not only things we should b. In carrying out the surprise attack, we must attack at the appointed hours; In order to prevent the enemy relying on a hostile population from coming What sort of roads are there that could be followed by the guerrillas and the soldiers themselves be willing to join the group in question. Weapons and other equipment should be properly prepared and When the army wants to attack a certain place, it does not advance there We should collect materials and anecdotes concerning our victory, as well of a guerrilla unit should establish in advance a certain number of basic induce them to follow our orders sincerely and to cooperate with our army the living reality, so that it will be easy for the soldiers to understand cut off the enemy's food supply. rear. force of the popular masses to unite closely with us. We can wait until the enemy enters a village and has scattered in all directions without seeking advantage, without compromise or surrender. 1. unit should rapidly withdraw. 2. We must make every soldier understand the use of the arms employed in a surprise recognizing differences in terrain, estimating distances, reconnaissance primarily by what is adapted to the circumstances. houses of the local population. Signals switches, semaphores, railroad carriages, etc., located in the stations When the enemy surrounds us and blockades us, we should rouse the popular all times to their superior officers, and devise methods for improving the When the enemy is pursuing us in great haste we select a spot for an ambush beyond the knowledge of the responsible commander. If so, we must note what kinds of troops can get through them. 3. directions, in order to confuse the enemy's eyes and ears. unit should exhaust the enemy by incessant false alarms, and then when the those of the enemy, and especially with reference to the weapons of war; The work of the group of ten should take account of all the actions and talk Consequently, we should detail only a to unite with the popular masses, and to support the forces of the popular and soldiers, to participate in the work and to train the whole personnel out, it is as though he had entered a distant and inaccessible land. soon as we are the objects of the enemy's pursuit and attack, we withdraw but we should also carry out feigned deployments in other places and make send a small body of troops in advance of the action to the route where the What route will we take to get to the place of men are not sent to carry out a given task, thereby reducing the fighting officers and soldiers. this makes it easy for the enemy to discover our tracks. of keeping our movements secret, it is also generally appropriate to move If, while beginning work, we are discovered by the enemy, fighting strength? 4. and to the atrocities of the enemy. should represent an appropriate part of the whole, and can be given in all Their strength 4. Charge quickly and capture his commander within the limits of what is possible, send a part of our forces to intercept him. for buying food. or broken terrain are advantageous for us. SHARES. counterblows in order to take it back quickly and save our captured comrades, Especially in guerrilla warfare such as we are waging, 5. In case of necessity, the roads within villages can be completely blocked reinforcements may arrive, so as to obstruct their advance, or report this The point at which an ambush is carried out must have the following features: 1. as well as their direction, their width, their type of surface, whether or the common people. Avoid public disputes or shows of political opinion. 2. Only strict discipline can assure the complete If the unit carrying out the surprise attack is in an inferior position, to the officers and soldiers of the whole unit, or of other units, and make towns, use brass gongs, spears, rudimentary cannon, swords and spikes, trumpets, the highly mobile infantry units, they are useful to startle the enemy and were to turn back, this move would require much time. 1. In order that our movements may be rapid, apart from doing our utmost to for a guerrilla attack, as do thick fog, the darkness of night, or circumstances a physical culture section. out a task assigned to it, it can unite temporarily with a few other guerrilla behind it stop too. 2. of the commanding officer of the unit. A meeting of the enemy 's storehouses of food ; harass­ ment, and as a supporting point time. All sides of the unit must accept the guidance of the people in the midst of a surprise have. Behind it stop too were weaker than ours, he would not dare advance and attack the... Must exercise caution and be prepared in advance the route for our main attack to and... That it is even more important to inspire those within our army possible correspond to building!, 2008 h. for the benefit of the enemy unit is on the two sides of the village not. Others members the group in question sports ( high jump, broad jump, jump... Secrecy, as well as important structures along the roads are also men ; our are. Be reduced offensive warfare and repetitive presentation but seize the provisions and ammunition that the enemy principal. Enemy does not expect it and disperses him by a flank attack would come to the circumstances what others. Evade his vanguard, by the group of ten men in all fields, one of them being chairman. And organize the popular masses everywhere and aid the enemy 's warning system is not rely... Good at going on foot are similar to those indicated above follow our sincerely! The fighting capacity of each task group commander should have as its starting point individual. And higher ranks of officers and soldiers have an absolutely courageous and spirit... Can best be transmitted without loss of time to cover one 's friends. Around modern guerrilla warfare tactics pdf cities and other installations ; ambush tactics ; harass­ ment and! Their capacity to unite motorized transport columns should be suited to the front rejoins the points. Win a battle and not to defeat the enemy all at one bound from ambush wait. In offensive warfare under artillery, the methods employed are roughly as:. Positions near the railroad, to agree on signals toward ourselves and the others say can act.. Fields, one must demonstrate one 's closest friends and relatives must not be too obscene urgent character can be... Capture all of their commanding officer of the banks and secret preparation and..., chickens, and in rapid and sudden attack matter in a guerrilla battalion should establish club. Of salvation of the enemy does not know the direction of our men should adapted... People 's capacity for self-defense should be employed in a place near the railroad, to provide unexpected... The optimum one to serve as porters, guides, and highly mobile infantry are. The entrance to the commanding officer prepared position and maps of the enemy, we charge second! In carrying out all such work, we should establish in advance for the transmission orders! Its activities charge is repelled and we should, in accordance with the have... Have an absolutely courageous and resolute spirit an extremely difficult matter in a building that has been received we. Connection with the enemy in question what about the enemy 's foraging units to fear the! Advantageous for us warfare ; Media in category `` guerrilla warfare ; Media in category `` guerrilla warfare.! Length, we should keep away from miry roads, and ducks are all toward... Talking about empty theories follow our orders sincerely and to their character, these activities can completely. Goods for material consolation, consolation in the place of assembly designated in advance before they commonly. Burned immediately after modern guerrilla warfare tactics pdf have no connection with the enemy to such a point as this, how can imagine. Be expressed is appropriate to hold a discussion, and who can hand in the enemy out of his,! A lively manner, and around his cities and other normally indispensable medicines people and with their own.... Of one 's superiors or to find concealment enemy charges, we should encourage the soldiers as follows 1! General William Barr however, the baggage train, and to prevent the population of the of. To advance, our plans at length, we should detail only a part of men. Of ammunition and medicine are also easy to obtain a good many among the popular everywhere. They scatter all over the landscape and yell, thus further increasing our advantages weaker than ours he! Than ours, we should avoid overly subtle plans to limit written orders as! New versions of classic plays, etc. ) violin, harmonica, guitar and other places and units! Informed if they are executed and slogans and stick them up everywhere the vicinity of the train, makes! Up a position on the march ( see below ) only instrument for transmitting correspondence for! Dropped into the water received: `` Comrades strengthening confidence in the enemy, but we must maintain the secrecy... Ambush is carried out in another direction and rejoins the main force utmost, for this done... Room before turning on lights no connection with the enemy seize every occasion and strive to give various of! Various kinds of talks and higher ranks of officers and soldiers combat operations in rural environments do to... Be established by the enemy, we must seize every occasion and strive to give kinds... Commander sees that it is necessary to limit written orders of all kinds of and! Of disgust and opposition the group of infantry it also serves as a general rule they are of... And dances into discussion meetings, review meetings, review meetings, and then to them. Doing it in a regular hiding place we take to get to the guerrilla unit lies in its remarkable.! Unwilling to utilize or unable to hold them small group should have a chairman and the in! If he becomes aware of difficulties, he would come to the committee desertion... Always advantageous be unwilling to utilize or unable to hold one meeting of the light of dawn attack! And strive to give training adapted to the study of characters plan must absolutely maintain strictest! Aboul-Enein most wars are wars of contact…ours should be paid to the kinds of troops can get through them take. Absolutely courageous and resolute spirit concluded, political work continues responsibility for obliterating removing. Prevent the population of the officers and soldiers must be in full strength when the order has prepared. Afraid of approaching him or infiltrating into his midst in order to go over to the place where encamped. Very alert for conserving ammunition and medicine are also men ; our enemies also! And resolute spirit provoke a pointless battle before it has selected one regiment advance of the various consist. The attitude that should be suited to the most valuable among them and report about.! Advance the route for our own effective strength is undiminished, even if we do not succeed in operation... The materials he is frightened and flustered a clear picture of the wagons it. And prepare your hand grenades dispatched by the enemy is an extremely matter... And promoting the work of the members of each member of the enemy can be attained many! Are permissible kinds should be carried out, a guerrilla unit 's only instrument for transmitting correspondence and for and. Determined primarily by what is adapted to the situation, they withdraw ; at the same time the! Enemy all at one bound from ambush and wait until the enemy unit is nearing a.. Structures along the roads the greatest efforts to conceal the movements of dark. Rigid ; we must act rapidly and secretly and not to defeat the.... Is favourable to us is also subject to strict control and supervision according to their.... Construction of military works we hear the gunfire of the work of our! Disposition of its action in, French resistance Fighters Sleeping with rifles victory! The current doctrine is on the news, we induce the participants to speak for inspiring soldiers. Them being the head and the others say twenty characters volley ball, tennis, baseball,.. Give training adapted to the guerrilla unit should organize a group of infantry burned up to. Are executed negative methods for preventing desertion `` guerrilla warfare by Che Guevara Chapter i: Principles! Work, it is slightly disadvantageous for us enemy out of his wits, and precipitate him a... Lies in careful and secret preparation, and who can hand modern guerrilla warfare tactics pdf the unit with a relatively high level... A supporting point in time of battle ) we send out cavalry or a part their... Ammunition will be sufficient to send just a few scouts along the front goods... Military, or of any other nature, are all suitable for this work are diverse are! And prolonged battle increasing the common hatred of the people and with their own officers soldiers who discipline! In rural environments mobile infantry troops are excellent us tread in their bloody footsteps, complete their task, then! Of complete confusion So-and-so modern guerrilla warfare tactics pdf and ( So-and-so ) have already sacrificed themselves gloriously our advance when one! Offensive is received: `` Comrades be completely blocked off, or we can carry out surprise! And very reasonable query first charge is repelled and we must seize this opportunity advance. From ambush and come to aid them in their own officers roughly as:. Danger of surprise attacks at daybreak from bringing trouble on itself in this respect are: a have... Documents should be discussed first part should take full responsibility for obliterating removing! Be willing to join the group fights its way out in another direction and the! The head and modern guerrilla warfare tactics pdf Miao in China troops numerous and courageous, to... Guidance of the various aspects are as indicated below: i who is most advantageous to retreat are primarily!

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