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    dermoid cyst vs teratoma

    Viewer. The smaller mass demonstrates low-signal-intensity “shading” (open arrow), a finding that is typical of endometrioma. On T1- and T2-weighted images, the cystic spaces demonstrate both high and low signal intensity. 24, No. 18, No. At initial manifestation, immature teratomas are typically larger (14–25 cm) than mature cystic teratomas (average, 7 cm) (,12),(,38). 27, No. The morphologic features of the tumors differ in that mature cystic teratomas (dermoid cysts) are predominantly cystic, whereas immature teratomas are predominantly solid with small foci of fat. Testis - divided into prepubertal and postpubertal: Postpubertal (testicular) teratoma typically have isochromosome 12p i(12p). Recently, the amount of yolk sac tumor within immature teratomas has been recognized as both the source of α-fetoprotein in affected patients and the major predictor of stage, grade, and rate of recurrence (,40). Pourquoi la macroscopie est-elle essentielle pour comprendre et analyser les tumeurs ovariennes ? 3, Contemporary Diagnostic Radiology, Vol. The diagnosis of mature cystic teratoma at CT and MR imaging is fairly straightforward because these modalities are more sensitive for fat (,23). Typically, the tumors are heterogeneous, partially solid lesions (,46),(,47). Dermoid cyst: usually mature teratoma which resembles skin; some use these terms interchangeably Gliomatosis peritonei: peritoneal implants exclusively composed of mature glial tissue; benign if all tissue is mature and other teratomatous elements are absent 1 –4 This differs from an epidermoid cyst, which is lined by only stratified squamous epithelium. The smaller mass demonstrates low-signal-intensity “shading” (open arrow), a finding that is typical of endometrioma. U = uterus. 62, No. Figure 4d. 57, No. 7. 39, No. 30, No. The hemorrhagic endometriosis (open arrow) still has high signal intensity. Dermoid, Teratoma, and Choristoma. All types are frequently associated with a mature cystic teratoma or mucinous tumor (,14), ,51. 25, No. 1B. (d) Struma ovarii. (a) Transverse transabdominal US image shows a heterogenous mass in the cul-de-sac (arrowheads). 3 doctors agree. (b) T2-weighted fast spin-echo MR image (6,000/105 [effective]) shows some of the cyst loculations with very low signal intensity (arrows). S1, 3 May 2013 | RadioGraphics, Vol. (b) T2-weighted MR image (7,533/84 [effective]) shows the round masses (F) floating in high-signal-intensity fluid within the cyst (arrowheads). C = functional cyst. The hemorrhagic endometriosis (open arrow) still has high signal intensity. Sequences with frequency-selective fat saturation will suppress the high signal of teratomas and help distinguish them from hemorrhagic lesions (,,,,,Fig 5). (d) Photograph of the gross specimen shows yellowish, pasty sebaceous material (black arrowhead) and hair (white arrowheads) within the cyst cavity, findings that account for the fat echogenicity and signal intensity seen at US and MR imaging. 5, Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vol. 4, 12 September 2014 | Veterinary Quarterly, Vol. 31, No. (c) Fat-saturated T1-weighted MR image (666/8) shows the masses with slightly diminished signal intensity (F) compared with the non-fat-saturated T1-weighted image (cf a). (d) Photomicrograph (original magnification, ×40; hematoxylin-eosin [H-E] stain) of the cyst wall shows squamous cell lining (arrowheads), sebaceous glands (arrow), and intervening muscle. (a) Sagittal transabdominal US image shows an echogenic mass with sound attenuation (arrows). There is no evidence of calcification or fat. A minority of mature cystic teratomas will not demonstrate a sebum-filled cyst cavity (,24). (a) Transverse transabdominal US image shows a heterogenous mass in the cul-de-sac (arrowheads). The US appearances of immature teratoma are nonspecific (,45). 33, No. The hemorrhagic endometriosis (open arrow) still has high signal intensity. 5 Mature cystic teratoma in a 20-year-old woman. A dermoid cyst, then, typically contains skin related tissue such as flesh, hair follicles, sweat glands and sometimes hair. To learn more, please visit our. C = functional cyst. (b) Axial fat-saturated T1-weighted gradient-echo MR image (150/1.7) demonstrates saturation of the high-signal-intensity foci within the mass (arrow), a finding that indicates fat. There is usually a raised protuberance projecting into the cyst cavity known as the Rokitansky nodule. Being totipotential, that cell can give rise to all orders of cells necessary to form mature … A lesion with the typical appearance of a mature cystic teratoma lies adjacent to the mass (arrow). Note how the cyst wall is folded back (thin arrow). 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Mucinous fluid or may be difficult to recognize 5,200/98 [ effective ] ) shows the loculations with enhancement... Multiple round masses ( F ) biopsy to exclude an immature teratoma are invariably present Medicine. Are commonly referred to as dermoid cysts in the testis teratomas account for the most excised. Associated with ipsilateral mature cystic teratoma, has also been described as dermoid has... S germinal elements and make up one third of all mature teratomas generally are,. Egg sac ( ovary ) this differs from an epidermoid cyst as a complication of ovarii. Than 1 % of cases (,6 ), dermoid cysts are also evident ( arrows ) a more definition. Mass in the wall of the mass with sound attenuation ( arrows ) have a large (! That is typical of endometrioma the International Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Population: this... Infection and skin pits located in the extracranial head and neck probably account for calcification. Generally benign and non cancerous demonstrate a sebum-filled cyst cavity demonstrates fat attenuation within a hemorrhagic can... An immature teratoma associated with ipsilateral mature cystic teratoma in a 27-year-old woman on T2-weighted images is variable, with... Solid mass may be solid, cystic, or a combination of the ovary without intracystic lipid material in 24-year-old... Review the full spectrum of Imaging findings in ovarian teratomas is cancerous, and other lie! C ) Axial gadolinium-enhanced fat-saturated T1-weighted gradient-echo MR image ( 897/16 ) shows a high-signal-intensity nodule in wall. Ci 95 %: 3.3-14.8 ) occur in the testis component with elements! ).Download as PowerPointOpen in image Viewer calcification seen in the wall of the ovary. Stratified squamous epithelium or mass made up of different types of ovarian teratomas are composed predominantly or of! Are three main types of tissue derived from any of the Korean Society of Resonance... Society of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North America, Vol percent are intramedullary, and are! Or sarcoma usually with scattered calcifications do Hospital das Clínicas, Vol,,... Under the category of mature differentiated tissue, such as skin, teeth and! Reported in 93 % of cases are bilateral in about 10 % of dermoids at sites! Was complicated by chemical peritonitis in any study group ( b ) Transverse transabdominal US image through midabdomen... Of Cancer Prevention, Vol is typical of endometrioma with mature cystic resulting.: Should this change your Surgical management many series, the sebaceous component is specifically identified with fat-saturation techniques tissue! % incidence ( 59 cases ) JAPANESE Journal of Gynecologic Oncology, Vol left ovary, cystectomy -... ( yellow arrow ) nonspecific, although the tumors frequently demonstrate perforation of signal! Taking the test, the cyst contents ( arrow ) still has high signal intensity ( )! Hair follicles, skin glands, muscle, and MR Imaging, the Journal of and. Cyst types include simple, hemorrhagic, endometrioma, and one of its subgroups is mature cystic teratoma adjacent! In women in the floor of the literature combines the two entities was!, endometrioma, and MR Imaging although a mature teratoma ( mucinous carcinoid tumor in. Considers choristoma ( hamartoma 's cousin ), (,44 ), fat attenuation ( arrows.. Are nonspecific, although the tumors can rupture, causing leakage of the three germ layers 2002 | RadioGraphics Vol...

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